You don’t need to be a MI-Community member in order to download a Report.

  1. Learn about the Reports you found. Read the report summary carefully and other report details. If you have any questions about the report you can ask a question to the report author by clicking on the “Ask a question to the Author” tab.
  2. Read the report’s review and read the comments left by previous clients.  View the author’s background information by clicking on the “About the author” tab.
  3. Download the Report. To download a report, select the add to cart link. The report will be added to your shopping cart. From there, proceed to complete your information and pay with paypal or continue shopping. You’re welcome to add multiple reports to your Cart. At the end of the transaction, you will recieved an email with your report files. You can download them to your devices as many times as you want.
  4. Your dowloaded report will be always available on “My Library” page at the top left of the screen.


Category: A - Searching and Downloading a Report