You need to consider the following factors:

  • Your Reputation. If you have sold several studies and received positive feedback from your clients, you will be in a good position to increase your reports prices. However, if you have not yet built a reputation, you might want to price your publications at a lower price to make yourself more competitive. We highly recommend new members share at least one article or report for free as a mean to build a reputation within the community.
  • Your expertise on the industry.
  • How exclusive is your data. Do you have access to exclusive sources of information? Does your report include data that is not readily available? You can increase your price if you can respond yes to these questions.
  • Content. Price your report based on its table of contents. You can assign a price to each section based on the quality and relevance of the information contained in each section. We suggest that those sections containing market forecasts and projection and other relevant quantitative information represent the highest price of the report.
  • How many hours you invested on the report?
  • How did you collect your data? From primary sources or secondary sources? How many interviews have you conducted?
  • What is the geographical scope of your project? Global, Regional or Country?
  • Research to determine how much consulting companies are charging for similar work. You want to price your report at a lower price than a consulting company with a brand reputation.

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